Chinese Theatrical Music and Dramatic Genres

Monday, October 1, 20124:40-5:40 p.m.Academic A Building, Room G019

The traditional Chinese Opera, including the Kun Op-era, Beijing Opera, and the Cantonese Opera, is different from the modern drama and opera. It is also an in-tangible cultural heritage. After decades of development, what does the traditional Chinese Opera look like in modern times? Dr. Zhen Hai will explore the characteristics of the traditional Chinese Opera, the music accompaniment, and the new formality in terms of gender, urbanity and cinema.

Zhen Hai is Director of Library in the National Academy of Chinese Theatre Arts (NACTA), Professor of Musicology, Vice Chairman of Chinese Association of Traditional Chinese Opera Music, and a member of NACTA’s Academic Committee. A musicologist, Hai specializes in music of traditional Chinese opera, including the Kun Opera, Beijing Opera, and the Cantonese Opera. His most re-cent publications include: A Mu-sic History of Traditional Chinese Opera (2003), Aesthetics of Traditional Chinese Opera (2008), and “Discussion on the Traditional Inheritance Mode of Xiqu Music: Discrimination of ‘mouth/heart method’” (Traditional Chinese Opera Art, 2012).