Online Library Tutorials Launched

Binghamton University Libraries Tutorials are newly launched Fall 2012! This suite of tutorials has been designed to teach students critical analysis and information literacy concepts through the use of interactive elements.

This suite of Library Tutorials is divided into 8 modules that take between 10 to 40 minutes to complete. The tutorials are available through Blackboard and are intended to be assigned to students by their instructors. At the end of each tutorial the student will have an opportunity to take a quiz and receive a personalized certificate of completion.

The tutorials are available on the “Library” tab in Blackboard, or directly at:

  • Avoiding Issues of Academic Dishonesty – This module will describe plagiarism and academic integrity, and illustrate the circumstances when a citation is needed.
  • Defining and Comparing Different Publication Types – This module will illustrate the publication and research cycle, different types of scholarly sources, and how to identify and find primary, secondary sources and qualitative and quantitative sources.
  • How to Find Books for Research – This module demonstrates how to use the Library Catalog to find books.
  • How to Find Articles for Research – This module demonstrates how to use library databases and formulate a search strategy to find sources appropriate for college research papers.
  • Evaluating Research Resources – This module shows how to critically look at web pages, books and articles to evaluate their credibility.
  • Citing Your Sources – This module describes the importance of managing your sources, tools that can be used to manage your sources, and the parts of a citation.
  • Monitoring Information and Keeping Current – This module explores different ways to monitor news and published information using Google Reader, RSS Feeds, and Table of Contents alerts.
  • Online Privacy and Social Media – This module includes ways to check your privacy settings in popular online social sites, learn about security issues for personal information, and tips about your online presence to potential employers.

Funded by the Provosts’ Academic and Faculty Development Fund.  Contact Angelique Jenks-Brown (, 777-4596) with any questions or comments.