Bartle Library Bound Journal Move

The Bartle Library is experiencing space constraints due to our continually growing collections. Our subject librarians have addressed this issue through regular, ongoing space management operations, as well as moving portions of the collection to our Annex facility.  These decisions have been made in consultation with the faculty.
A significant number of volumes need to be moved to make room for current and future research materials growth over the next two years. The subject librarians have identified a discrete category of materials to be moved that will meet our need for space and that we believe will have the least impact on the current research and teaching needs of faculty and students.  This category includes limited runs of print journals that pre-date 2002 for which the Libraries have no current print subscription.
In addition to timely paging of print materials from the Annex, the Libraries utilize a convenient and successful electronic document delivery service to maximize access to and use of these materials.
Update (April 23, 2013) :  Please contact your subject librarian to view the list of titles organized by call number.
Click here – Bartle Library Bound Journal Move 2012 – to view the list of titles organized by call number [note: if you are prompted to enter a username/password, hit cancel to open the document; if you still cannot open the document, please contact your subject librarian].
If you have any concerns, please contact your subject librarian by March 30.