Subject Guides

Subject Guides Link in Blackboard Course Pages
The Subject Guides link in Blackboard Course Pages automatically opens a new window to a web page, created by a librarian, containing links to databases, electronic journals and books, print sources, and online research collections for your course discipline. This link is available on all course page menus and is an added resource for instructors and students.
• If a librarian has not yet created a subject guide for your discipline, the link will lead to the Subject Guides Homepage where you will be able to choose the subject that best matches your research interest.
• Because the web page opens in a new window or tab, your browser could block it from opening. If the page did not open simply click on the link shown in the Blackboard window.
• The Subject Guide link can be removed by the course instructor by deleting it from the course menu.
• Some Blackboard course pages are cross listed. In such cases the Subject Guide link leads to the subject most appropriate for the parent course which may not be suitable for your course. Instructors can remove the Subject Guide link in the course menu and add a link to a more appropriate Subject Guide (
• For assistance in creating a more specialized Subject Guide, please contact your Subject Librarian (