Fast, Walk-up Scanner @ Bartle Library

The Libraries announce the addition of a new state-of-the-art document scanning kiosk (known as the Knowledge Imaging Center or KIC) located in the reference area on Bartle Library’s first floor. The KIC walk-up kiosk scanner provides fast, convenient scanning of all types of documents. The KIC scanner features intuitive touch screen controls for easy use. Documents are saved either to a USB flash drive or by sending to your email account. The KIC scanner is environmentally friendly by allowing users to read documents electronically without the need to print them out. They can even save scanned documents in audio format, which they can playback with any portable digital audio device.
The KIC walk-up scanner has a unique design. Unlike traditional desktop scanners and copiers, it uses a V-cradle scanning bed so documents remain completely untouched by the scanner’s image capturing lens. The V-cradle helps to preserve the book’s binding and is excellent for older fragile books. The scanner is capable of scans up to 17 X 24 inches or as small as a postage stamp. The KIC scanner can scan in vibrant color or black & white. It is 10 times faster than a traditional copier and 4 times faster than a desktop scanner. Documents can be saved in a multiple of formats, including searchable PDF, JPEG, TIFF, PNG, and MP3 audio files, in a matter of seconds. The KIC scanner kiosk is wheelchair accessible and is a UDSA compliant digitization system. Try it out!