Library of Congress presents: Never Forgotten,the Search for Dakar

David Jourdan, co-founder and president of Nauticos, an ocean exploration company in Cape Porpoise, Maine and a graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy, discussed “Never Forgotten,” his newly released book about the quest to find Dakar, Israel’s just-commissioned submarine, that disappeared without a trace in the eastern Mediterraneanthe missing sub in 1968. “Never Forgotten” traces the Dakar from its origins in the British Navy in World War II through its sale to Israel and the fateful voyage across the Mediterranean. The book describes the search for and discovery of the submarine, and it also tells the story of the boat’s crew and the impact the tragedy had on an entire nation.
Event date: 06/08/2009
Running time: 53 minutes
Access the lecture here: the Search for the Dakar

More about the Dakar:
On Jan. 25, 1968, the Dakar, Israel’s just-commissioned submarine, disappeared without a trace in the eastern Mediterranean. Israel spent the next 31 years looking for the massive submarine and her crew of 69 officers and seamen. In 1996, the country invited a noted ocean explorer, David Jourdan, to investigate, and in 1999 Jourdan and his team solved the legendary mystery.