Thai movie "Wonderful Town" to show March 12 and March 15

Wonderful Town
(2007, Director: Aditya Assarat, Thailand, 92min.)
Na works at a rundown but well-scrubbed hotel that doesn’t see many guests these days until the arrival of Ton (Supphasit Kansen), a handsome young architect overseeing a beachfront development. Na and Ton play their parts – she, the curious, reticent housekeeper; he, the shy, grateful guest – but another game is afoot, slipping around the edges of their customary roles. The faintest blush, a lingering look, a gift of oranges from the market, a conversation that goes on a little longer than normal. They’re falling, ever so softly, in love.
Mr. Assarat shelters this budding romance with surpassingly lovely filmmaking, easing into and out of scenes with an unrushed tempo that lets each emotion, thought and subtle effect flower, then fade away. His frames are meticulous without being fussy and his camera movements suave and suggestive, delineating the sentiment of the moment with precision and grace. (New York Times)