David Cronenberg

Canadian director David Cronenberg is May’s featured director of the month. He is one of the primary filmmakers involved in body horror, or biological horror films. His earliest films, such as Scanners and The Brood, dealt with disease, physical transformation, and change from within. His later films, such as Eastern Promises and A History of Violence cover other issues.
1979 The Brood DVD PN1997 .B762 2003
1980 Scanners DVD PN1997 .S282 2001
1983 Videodrome DVD PN1997 .V483 2004
1984 The Dead Zone DVD PN1997 .D435 2006
1986 The Fly DVD PN1997 .F586 2005
1988 Dead Ringers DVD PN1997 .D433 2005
1991 Naked Lunch DVD PN1997 .N32453 2003
1996 Crash DVD PN1997 .C848 1998
1999 Existenz DVD PN1997 .E874 1999
2005 A History of Violence DVD PN1997.2 .H57 2006
2007 Eastern Promises DVD PN1997.2 .E27 2007
Books (selected)
David Cronenberg: author or filmmaker PN1998.3.C75 B76 2007
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Moviemakers’ master class: private lessons from the world’s foremost directors PN1995.9.P7 T495 2002
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Crash, David Cronenberg’s post mortem on J. G. Ballard’s ‘Trajectory of Fate’
Inner views: filmmakers in conversation PN1998.2 .B74 1997