Stan Brakhage

Stan Brakhage is February’s Director of the Month. Stan Brakhage (1933-2003) is considered one of the most important experimental filmmakers of the twentieth century. His films range in length from a few minutes to several hours long, and often feature scratchings and markings on the film emulsion. (His influence can be seen in the opening credits for the films Seven and Suicide Kings.) A listing of the libraries’ holdings by and about Brakhage are below.
1958 Anticipation of the Night Video PN1997 .A564 1997
1959 Window Water Baby Moving Film Special Collections Motion Pictures — Film 13
1964 Dog Star Man Video PN1997 .D644 1987
1970 Fire of Waters Film Special Collections Motion Pictures — Film 17
1999 Selected Films Volume 2 Video PN1995.75 .S45 1999
2003 By Brakhage: an anthology DVD PN1995.9.E96 B9 2003
2004 Brakhage DVD PN1998.3.B73 B73 2004
2007 Avant-garde. 2: experimental cinema, 1928-1954 DVD PN1997.A1 A936843734 2007
Books (selected)
2005 Stan Brakhage, filmmaker Fine Arts PN1998.3.B74 S72 2005
2003 Telling time: essays of a visionary filmmaker Fine Arts PN1995 .B7165 2003
2002 Dissolve : screenplays to the films of Stan Brakhage : poems PS3568.O192 D57 2002
2001 Essential Brakhage : selected writings on filmmaking PN1995 .B716 2001
1998 The films of Stan Brakhage in the American tradition of Ezra Pound, Gertrude Stein and Charles Olson Fine Arts PN1998.3.B78 E43 1998
1982 Brakhage scrapbook : collected writings, 1964-1980 PN1995 .B715 1982