Martin Scorsese

December’s director is Martin Scorsese. When Scorsese received his Oscar last year for the Departed it was considered an honor long overdue. Scorsese produced some of the seminal works of the 1970s and 1980s, including Taxi Driver and Raging Bull. A prolific filmmaker, the Libraries’ own many, though not all of his works.
1973 Mean Streets (DVD)–PN1997 .M4238 2004
1976 Taxi Driver (DVD) — PN1997 .T38 1999
1980 Raging Bull (DVD) — PN1997 .R225 2005
1988 The Last Temptation of Christ (DVD) — PN1997 .L379 2000
1990 Goodfellas (DVD) — PN1997 .G5962 2004
1993 The Age of Innocence (DVD) — PN1997 .A314 2001
Books (Selected)
The philosophy of Martin Scorsese Fine Arts PN1998.3.S39 P55 2007
Gangster priest : the Italian American cinema of Martin Scorsese fine Arts PN1998.3.S39 C38 2006
Street smart : the New York of Lumet, Allen, Scorsese, and Lee Fine Arts PN1995.9.N49 B63 2005
Scorsese : a journey through the American psyche Fine Arts PN1998.3.S39 S36 2005
The Scorsese psyche on screen : roots of themes and characters in the films Fine Arts PN1998.3.S39 M55 2004
Martin Scorsese : a journey Fine Arts PN1998.3.S39 K45 2004
Scorsese up close : a study of the films Fine ArtsPN1998.3.S39 N93 2004
The cinema of Martin Scorsese PN1998.3.S39 F75 1998
The word made flesh : Catholicism and conflict in the films of Martin Scorsese Fine Arts PN1998.3.S39 B65 1995
The Scorsese picture : the art and life of Martin Scorsese Fine Arts PN1998.3.S39 E35 1992
Italian and Irish filmmakers in America : Ford, Capra, Coppola, and Scorsese Fine Arts PN1995.9.C35 L68 1990