Ingmar Bergman, 1918-2007

Ingmar Bergman, one of the giants of twentieth century cinema, died on July 30. The Library owns a number of Bergman’s films on DVD and he is the subject of many books. A few are listed below.
Fanny and Alexander PN 1997 .F327 1999 (VHS)
Persona PN 1997 .P464 1991 (VHS)
The Seventh Seal PN 1997 .S436 1998 (DVD)
The Virgin Spring PN 1997 .J864 2006 (DVD)
Wild Strawberries PN 1997 .S63 1993 (VHS)
Ingmar Bergman: A Reference Guide Fine Arts PN 1998 .A3 B46832 2005
Ingmar Bergman: Magician and Prophet Fine Arts PN 1998.3 .B47 G47 1999
Strindberg, Ibsen, and Bergman: Essays on Scandinavian Film and Drama PT 9816 .S694 1998
Gender and Representation in the Films of Ingmar Bergman Fine Arts PN 1998.3 .B47 B63 1997
Ingmar Bergman: an Artist’s Journey: on State, On Screen, In Print Fine Arts PN 1998.3 B47 I54 1995
Between Stage and Screen: Ingmar Bergman Directs Fine Arts PN 1998.3 B47 T67 1995
Images: My Life in Film Fine Arts PN 1998.3 B47 A3 1994
The Best Intentions: A Novel PT 9875 .B533 G6413 1993
Bergman on Bergman: Interviews with Ingmar Bergman by Stig Bjorkman, Torsten Manns, Jonas Sima
Fine Arts PN 1998.3 B47 A5 1993