New DVDs and Videos

Here are some of the Libraries’ latest acquisitions…
The Asphalt Jungle (Huston) PN 1997.A87 2004
A Face in the Crowd (Kazan) PN 1997.F295 2005
Kinsey (Condon) PN 1997.2 K567 2005
Monster (Jenkins) PN 1997.2 M66 2004
Murder My Sweet (Dmytryk) PN 1997.M87 2004
Body as Matrix: Matthew Barney’s Cremaster Cycle (Tappeiner) N 6537.B37 B6 2004
Hide and Seek (Friedrich) PN 1995.9.E96 2005
Unfinished (Calle) PN 1995.9.E96 U54 2005
Kazoku Gemu (Family Game) (Yoshimitsu) PN 1997.K396 2006
Lacombe Lucien (Malle) PN 1997 .L337 2006
Seven Beauties (Wertmuller) PN 1997 P375 2006
Swept Away (Wertmuller) PN 1997.T738
Tsotis (Thug) (Hood) PN 1997.2 T76875 2006
The Virgin Spring (Bergman) PN 1997.J864 2006
Edison: the Invention of the Movies PN 1995.75 E35 2005
Guerilla: the Taking of Patty Hearst (Stone) F866.2 G84 2005
Hybrid (McCollum) SB 191.M2 H927 2005
Life and Times of Harvey Milk (Epstein) PHQ76.8 U5 T56 2004
The Weather Underground (Green) HN 90 R3 W43 2004