How do I find Films in Korean? (or Persian, or German, or Hindi…)

To find non-English language films in the catalog, go to infoLink, then click on Advanced Search. At the bottom of the Advanced Search screen, there is an Expert Search button. This will take you to a search box, with directions, for how to find a list of foreign language films. The search requires typing in wfm=vm and wln=(first three letters of language). Here are some examples:
wfm=vm and wln=kor (For Korean language films)
wfm=vm and wln=per (For Persian/Farsi language films)
wfm=vm and wln=ger (For German language films)
wfm=vm and wln=hin (For films in Hindi)
wfm=vm and wln=ita (For films in Italian)